20 Buildings Inspired By Everyday Objects Drawn By Architect Felipe De Castro
Felipe de Castro, a 33-year-old Brazilian architect and urban planner living in Rio de Janeiro, takes inspiration from practically everything he encounters. You’ll be shocked to see how quickly he can transform anything as simple as a USB stick or a stack of binders into a stunning mansion or office building.
Felipe told Bored Panda in a recent interview that he used to conduct these “conversions” in his thoughts as a kid and just started drawing them a few years ago. “I noticed a pencil holder at my desk recently. The architect added, “I could envisage the creation of the pencil holder and decided to draw it.” “I took it to paper and made a larger-scale building out of the proportions of the thing. It’s a type of creative challenge.”
The artist never seems to run out of ideas, and his 65k followers eagerly await his next creation. In the gallery below, you can see some of the best ones thus far!

#1 The figure shows an outline designed in the form of a pen drive with a creative eye

#2 What a creative look is best illustrated when looking at this design

#3 This designer tries to turn a very simple design into a complex design

#4 There is no limit to man’s creative ideas. This fire makes it stand out well

#5 This designer is trying to design a microphone as a building

#6 This image shows a building that is to be designed in the shape of a small chocolate bar

#7 This building, which is meant to be designed in the form of a camera, takes on a very complex form

#8 His attempt to make the appearance of this small device as complex as an airport is extraordinary

#9 This hospital, which is to be designed in the form of a mask, shows a very wonderful idea

#10 This is a good example to show a huge complex design in a very small shape

#11 This image clearly shows that it has the potential to bring out something far greater than what we see

#12 We have the ability to make something very good the way we look at it

#13 What a beautiful idea to turn the shape of a few small dishes into a huge building

#14 This is a really cool but really cool idea

#15 These images clearly show that the whole world cannot be changed by the way he looks at the world

#16 Designed in the style of a Saanich, the building has a different look

#17 The building, which is to be designed in the form of a stapler, also shows a different look

#18 If we look at a small design in a complex way, we have the ability to highlight a design like this

#19 If a watch is designed in this way, it really becomes a unique design

#20 This shows that the way one looks at the world has the potential to make this a truly beautiful place



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