Vintage clothing, antique electronics, and unsightly dishes can all be found in secondhand stores. However, there is one more item that you can almost always count on finding in a thrift store: questionable artwork. Even while many of us choose to ignore that part in general, some creative folks regard those outdated artworks as the ideal canvas for improvement.People who have improved uninteresting or garish thrift store art have shared their creations on the r/Repainting’s forum, and their work truly puts the expression “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to shame. In the gallery below, see all of the unique ways people have given old thrift store paintings a new lease on life.

#1 Painting-Bomb!


Image source: rrrrreeeeeddddd

#2 Could You Please Say “Hi” To Penny?

Image source: lupiloopdiloop

#3 I Added Googly Eyes To This Thrift Store Nature Photography. It’s Hanging In My Dining Room

Image source: eyebrowshampoo

#4 Stumbled Upon This Work Of Art

Image source: skhaleesi

#5 Thrift And Drift

Image source: davepollotart

#6 Unsolved Mystery…

Image source: davepollotart

#7 Nautical Nonsense – Acrylic Paint On A Thrifted Art Print

Image source: OldUglyArtHoarder

#8 I Did My First Repainting Recently!

Image source: i-am-mothman

#9 All Work And No Play – I Had A Lot Of Fun Painting This One!

Image source: davepollotart

#10 For A Year Now I’m Giving New Life To 2nd Hand Wall Plates And Transforming Them In To Very Ugly Plates And This Beauty Is One Of Them

Image source: milczak

#11 “Whom Will Thou Call?” Acrylic On Old Art Print. She Used To Be Holding A Guitar And I Swapped It Out

Image source: OldUglyArtHoarder

#12 I Had Planned On Adding Buzz Lightyear But Was Persuaded To Add Alice Instead. I Think She Was The Right Choice

Image source: OldUglyArtHoarder

#13 Repainting Or Original?

Image source: orqa

#14 I Bought A Print From A Thrift Store And Felt Like It Needed A Cat!

Image source: Technicallynotrobots

#15 Found A Cool Print At Thrift…thought It Could Use Some Krakens!

Image source: Animal_Pharmacy

#16 I Thought This Scene Looked Like A Place Darth Vader Would Go To Bask In His Loneliness

Image source: Ubadishnard

#17 “Prepare For Trouble.” I Always Knew I Wanted To Add A Hot Air Balloon But Originally I Planned To Add Rocky And Bullwinkle. I Think The Meow Balloon Was A Better Idea

Image source: OldUglyArtHoarder

#18 Monster Flowers

Image source: schnauby30

#19 A Repaint I Finished A Few Days Ago – I Auctioned It To Raise Money For The Hunger Project…

Image source: davepollotart

#20 “The Lover, The Dreamer, And Me” Repainted A Couple Years Ago

Image source: OldUglyArtHoarder


Image source: DPJ333

#22 Jake the Dog

Image source: ramshackleray

#23 My Glow in The Dark Repainting from A While Ago

Image source: keuerle

#24 “Great Harvest of The Single Slice” – David Irvine March 2020

Image source: TheGnarledBranch

#25 “Suddenly”.. (“The Scream” Repainting), Me, Oil, 2021

Image source: myriyevskyy

#26 Been Wondering What to Paint Over This Old Thrift Store Art For Some Time. Thanks Bernie!

Image source: MTGKozan

#27 First Painting Of This Year

Image source: schnauby30

#28 This Belongs Here

Image source: MajorBlink

#29 We Can’t Stop Here, This Is Rabbit Country

Image source: Slogfarts

#30 Here Is My First Attempt At Doing A Repainting, I Couldn’t Be Happier With How It Turned Out!

Image source: OhoBenderez


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