Houston, the fourth-largest city in America, is a rapidly expanding cultural mashup. The Houston Rodeo, a top-notch symphony, a world-class zoo, and numerous professional sports teams all call this city home. Beaches can be reached quickly by car.

Nearly seven million people live in the Houston metro area. A rich cultural tapestry representing various religions, languages, and cuisines is present in the city thanks to more than 20% of residents who were born overseas. Numerous Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, African, and Hispanic people live in Houston.

Visit the Houston Rodeo, the world’s largest cattle display and rodeo, for a true taste of Texas. Each year, millions of people attend the 20-day festival. At the Houston Rodeo, artists including Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Kiss, Taylor Swift, and even Elvis Presley performed.

Avoid skipping the opportunity to visit the Johnson Space Center, which serves as Mission Control for American space flights and invites tourists to study the artifacts of American space exploration. After that, stroll along Galveston’s shore.

Time Zone

Central Standard Time. (Daylight Savings Time is observed seasonally)

Ideal Time to Visit

While Houston’s summers may be oppressive, its moderate winters make it a great getaway from other cities’ subfreezing conditions. The ideal time to visit Houston is during the first few months of the year. The basketball season has begun. A January marathon is tolerable due to the mild temperatures. Lunar New Year and Mardi Gras celebrations, as well as the beginning of the Houston Rodeo, a multi-week event that attracts top recording artists to the city, all take place in February. The biggest canoe and kayak competition in Texas, the Bayou Regatta, takes place in March.

Facts to Consider

The hot, muggy summers of Houston. It is typical to experience temperatures in the 90s and 100s. If you have to go in the heat, bring a water bottle and don’t forget the sunscreen.

With a total area of more than 637 square miles, Houston is a large metropolis. Houston has some of the worst traffic in the country. Despite recent improvements in public transportation, most places require a car to be reached.

Texas and New York pronounce Houston in various ways.

How to Navigate

Trains: Downtown, midtown, the Museum District, and the Texas Medical District are all served by Houston’s METRORail system. Even though there are only a few routes, the rail system makes it easy to travel to rodeos and baseball events for about $1.25 each way.

Buses: The bus system in Houston is organized into a number of color-coded networks. Although there are only a few routes, buses run between 14 and 18 hours every day for $1.25 each.

Taxis: There are several taxi firms in Houston that run at $2.75 per mile for the first 1/11 of a mile. A discount of 5% is given to passengers over the age of 60.

Uber and Lyft are both available in Houston.


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