Arugam Bay, ranked as the fifth finest surfing location in the world, is certainly a heaven on earth. It offers the best parts of a traditional tropical vacation. If you want to go on vacation to Arugam Bay, you can expect the best surfing conditions, pure white sandy beaches, vibrant sunsets, beachfront guest homes and hotels, and large waves. Traveling from Colombo, it takes roughly 7 hours to get to Arugam Bay. Buses are available for both private and public transit to get to Arugam Bay.

The spotless beach in Arugam Bay is what draws the most attention. The idyllic white sand beach is ideal for lazing on a hammock. However, Arugam Bay, which is located around 342 kilometers to the east of Colombo, is more than just a place with a lovely beach. It is most well-known for surfing and has several top-notch surf breakers. Surfers from all over the world have been coming here, especially during the war, to ride on those massive waves and discover this secret paradise.

The “Main Point” point break is the most well-known. Some of the well-known point breakers in Arugam Bay that have surfers hooked include Potuvil Point, Whiskey Point, Elephant Rock, and Crocodile Rock, so named because it resembles a crocodile sunbathing in the wonderful sun. If you manage to stroll further down the coast line in the evenings, you might even be lucky enough to encounter herds of wild elephants. The finest months to visit Arugum Bay are June and August. Even if you have never surfed before, you can take lessons because they are inexpensively given nearby.

Arugam Bay is a 3 km long strip of sandy coastline that is populated with tiny fishing towns. Even if you are not an avid surfer, Arugam Bay can be a good destination for a tropical vacation due to the stunning scenery and the natural beauty in this area. This site does not have the overly commercialized sense of the western coast. With the growth of tourism in Arugam Bay, the region now offers both luxurious resorts and affordable lodging options.

Tourists occasionally go on fishing trips to see the local fishing techniques because there are many fishing villages close to Arugam Bay. Whether you are a courageous diver or someone who enjoys a lovely sunny beach, it is certain that you will fall in love with Arugam Bay because of the welcoming locals and the picturesque splendor of the area.


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