What Are the Fairy Pools in Skye?

Skye’s Fairy Pools are a collection of waterfalls that are divided by a number of untamed rock pools. However, they are incredibly stunning and encircled by some of the nicest mountains in Britain (the Cuillins, in case you’re curious). Some of the cleanest water I’ve ever seen is in the Fairy Pools.

All of the water originates from a sizable corrie on one of the Cuillin mountains in the vicinity, which is essentially a large hillside depression. The Fairy Pools and the rest of the landscape are dwarfed by these mountains, which rule this region of Skye.

The Fairy Pools are the ideal location for many activities. You can go on hikes, swim, take pictures, eat picnics, and enjoy stunning mountain vistas.

Why Do Skye’s Fairy Pools Have That Name?

They appear magical, therefore that could be why. Maybe it’s because the atmosphere on the entire island of Skye is mysterious and mystical. The odd folktale that a member of the MacLeod family once fell in love with a fairy princess could also be to blame (which might explain why Skye is also home to a place named the Fairy Glen).

Do the Fairy Pools on Skye allow for hiking?

From the parking lot, a well-marked path leads you up a gradual, moderately steep incline. The best parts of the Fairy Pools are easily accessible because it follows the waterfalls upstream.

Some people prefer to walk aimlessly, circling the region until they get weary and want to go home.

However, if you’re a petty perfectionist like me, I suggest going on this walk. You’ll see all the sights, stop at the greatest swimming holes, and (finally) avoid the majority of the tourists on it. It’s the best hike in the area, in my opinion.

Can I swim erratically in Skye’s fairy pools?

Absolutely, yes! The Fairy Pools, one of Scotland’s most popular wild swimming spots, are the ideal location for a dip.

No matter what time of year you go, the water is obscenely cold, so it’s usually advisable to bring a wetsuit. However, if you don’t have one, a full outfit of brazen bravado should be sufficient.

Take some goggles if you plan to swim in Skye’s Fairy Pools. Since the water is so pure, as I keep repeating, you’ll be able to see pretty much anything beneath the surface.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Skye’s Fairy Pools?

Visit between April and August for the greatest weather, when there is a higher likelihood of mild temperatures and a reduced likelihood of precipitation. You also get a lot more sunshine during those months, allowing you to enjoy a full day of swimming, strolling, and exploring.

May and June offer the ideal combination of long days, little rain, and comfortable temperatures.

However, as Skye’s Fairy Pools are located in a mountainous environment, a trip there can be chilly and rainy at any time of year. The Fairy Pools have never had a completely dry day, in my experience.

So no matter what time of year you go, be sure to pack a waterproof coat and some cozy clothing.

It’s preferable to visit outside of the busy summer season I just described if you want to avoid crowds. It’s incredibly magical where the Fairy Pools are located. Even yet, the thrill is significantly diminished when hordes of selfie-obsessed coach travelers are all around you.

Try to arrive extremely early in the morning whenever you go, regardless of the season, to avoid the throng. This location has the potential to be rather crowded, even off-season.


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