Haruki Kudo, a 20-year-old Japanese artist, creates beautiful coloured pencil drawings of cats that at first look could be mistaken for pictures. It’s easy to understand why: the artist’s drawings are meticulously detailed, and the amount of time and attention he puts into each one is astounding.

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Japanese artist Haruki Kudo creates stunning drawings of cats that look almost like photographs

The colour combination is well reflected in this painting and the artistry is well expressed.

In this image, you can see a photo taken during the creation of this beautiful

The artist’s drawings are incredibly detailed, and the amount of work that goes into them is simply stunning

The artist has reflected this design in such as way as to impress the eye of the connoisseur.

A photo taken during the production of this lovely piece can be seen in this photograph.

Haruki also shows the creative process behind his drawings, and it’s amazing to see them come to life

The painting itself is so subtle and sharp that it does not feel like a painting to the viewer.

Here is a photo of this beautiful design that was half made

Check out more of the artist’s incredible drawings below!

This design, which shows a real cat form has been well crafted by the artist.

This image is partially created to look like a real cat

The artist has created the painting with fresh ideas to make his design look great.

A view of a beautiful cat that has just been completed can be seen in this victory image

This amazing cat look has been presented to the connoisseur by the artist in a very realistic way.

This cat image is cute and nicely placed in the eye of the beholder to impress everyone.

In this victorious image, you can see a view of a lovely cat that has just been finished.

The painting of this cat has been carefully designed to touch the mind of the connoisseur.

This cat’s amazing design is sure to impress.


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