Artistic eyes, the ability to think artistically & creatively are the things that make a man lucky. So Flora Borsi is the one lucky woman from Hungeria who was born with both of them. So using those innate artistic thoughts, she’s done a great & wonderful photoshoot called ” Animeyed “

Her experiment is so great that it has so far attracted thousands of attention on social media. And also it must be said that this photoshoot is completely free from artificiality because she has used different kinds of animals which are the parts of the nature. Another example of this is the way she handles it all without harming the beauty of nature

When you go down you will see the photos of her photoshoot focusing on one eye of an animal instead of one eye of the model. when it’s come to the compatibility/ adjustment between the model and the frame of the animal, she’s used,it is really uncommon.

The background colours, she’s used according to the animals, she’s selected gives a great beaty for her photoshoot.

I think you will enjoy the beauty of these photos.And you will have much things to tell after u visited my site. So you are kindly requested to express what you feel on my article

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